Because of the Lotus

Symbiotically fusing fine art with digital art, while creating a space where the art can be viewed as a new medium, with the viewer being fully immersed in the piece. Paintings, murals and other inanimate objects are brought to life using the arts of Projection Mapping, 3D and 2D animation, and Laser Projection. The use of biofeedback equipment, specifically a wireless EEG headset, allows participants to control the digital art based on brainwave pattern. The installation has displayed over 50 times at some of the world's premier music and arts festivals and fairs, including Suwannee Hulaween, Envision Festival, AURA, Purple Hatter's Ball, Gratifly, Fool's Paradise, Wild Woods, Visionary Arts Fair with Alex Grey, Miami River Art Fair, and many more. Formed in 2016, the non-profit BotL Ink was created with the mission of helping other non-profit organizations with which we align raise awareness for their causes using our unique form of art.

BotL now offering private Biofeedback Sessions

Biofeedback is a powerful mind-body technique that helps teach participants how to control their Autonomic Nervous System – the part of the body that controls involuntary physical functions such as heart rate, muscle tension, and brainwave frequency.  By gaining greater awareness of these functions using instruments that provide live feedback, the participant learns to manipulate them at will.

Because of the Lotus is now offering private, one-on-one or small-group Biofeedback Sessions, where the use of a wireless Electroencephalograph (EEG) headset is used to monitor live brainwave activity from Delta waves to the first two bands of Gamma waves. By monitoring the brain’s activity live while working with the breath, or focus and calming techniques, participants can watch what happens to their brainwave patterns as they move through different emotions. This increased awareness connects the participant with those automatic body functions and teaches how to control them.

In-home or on-location Biofeedback sessions will include a mini Sacred G breath workshop, and time spent with the EEG headset. Prices include travel within a 15-mile radius of Orlando, FL. Additional travel at $.40/mile. These sessions are also available in any city that Because of the Lotus will be visiting on tour. Times do not include set-up time, which may vary based on the booking (15-30 minutes).

$60 – Half-hour (30-minute) session that includes a 10-minute Sacred G Breath workshop, and 20 minutes connected to the EEG headset monitoring live brainwave activity, and using it to control an animated Painting OR an RGB Laser

$100 – One-hour (60-minute) session that includes a 15-minute Sacred G Breath workshop, and 45 minutes connected to the EEG headset monitoring live brainwave activity, and using it to control an animated painting, AND an RGB Laser

Group, Corporate, or Educational Sessions – email for a custom quote

For more information, and to book a session, email, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the site! Click here for more information from Mayo Clinic on Biofeedback.



The Team

Moe Angelo

Because of the Lotus, Art Installation, Projection Mapping, Fine Art, Digital Art, Projections, 3D Mapping, Video Mapping, VJ

Moe Angelo is a multi-medium artist, musician and technophile hailing from the heart of the Rust Belt, Warren, Ohio. His Ohio roots grew a fruitful tenure as bassist of indie powerpop outfit The Kellys, that licensed its music to both MTV and Anchor Bay film Frat Party, landing on Showtime and Netflix. Roots in internet radio and a relocation to Florida led Moe to create iHateRadio, a smartphone app and web library of independent radio stations, and has allowed him to cover some of the biggest music festivals in the country as a media outlet. His technical evolution has now blossomed into Projection Mapping and digital art for Because of the Lotus, and has recently launched an event lighting company, Lightbrush. With future goals of expanding the scope Because of the Lotus by combining it with his educational and employment background in the field of Psychology and Biofeedback, Moe is highly anticipating the good things coming, and thankful for the ones already here.

Pat Anglin

Pat Anglin, Live Art, Live Painting, Because of the Lotus, Art Installation, Projection Mapping, Fine Art, Digital Art, Projections, 3D Mapping, Video Mapping, VJ

Patrick Anglin grew up influenced by the great Masters such as Salvador Dali and the surrealist movement, Pablo Picasso and his cubistic period and Claude Monet and his famous water lilies. He was classically trained at a very early age, always drawing and painting to music, and at the age of twelve Patrick won a scholarship to the Huntington School of Fine Art by drawing a nude model with charcoal. He was more formally trained at the University of Hofstra, where his art professors told him, “we can teach you colors and line, but what you have inside you is unique,” encouraging his personal style. In 2007 was the first time Patrick saw an artist (David Lebo) perform live at Langerado Music and Art Festival, and it was there that he found his path. Since then, Patrick has been an official live painter at some of the biggest Music and Art Festivals in and out of the country, and has co-founded Because of the Lotus. With a style full of colors and narrative expressionism, Patrick continues to grow and improve his technique to this day.

Daniel Morris

Daniel Morris is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and is a partner in the recently formed BotL, inc. His role within the organization is focused on Wellness initiatives and Operations. Daniel brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team, and has a true passion for helping others.

Our Services

Live Painting


From our vision to yours, we're able to make any event or location come to life with paint, in both a live performance or commissioned aspect.

Projection Mapping

Because of the Lotus, Art Installation, Projection Mapping, Fine Art, Digital Art, Projections, 3D Mapping, Video Mapping, VJ  Because of the Lotus, Art Installation, Projection Mapping, Fine Art, Digital Art, Projections, 3D Mapping, Video Mapping, VJ   Using the art of projection mapping, we bring our paintings to life in a truly unique way. 2D and 3D animation, live visual effects, and different modes of control are combined to bring the paintings come to life at night, or in a dark area. Aside from our paintings, we are also able to use the art of projection mapping to bring any inanimate object to life with video. We've even used projection mapping to animate a body-painted performer in a truly unique and beautiful way.


  Our EEG Biofeedback program has quickly developed over the last year, and provides the participant with a tool to access a powerful mind/body connection they may have never before experienced. By monitoring live brainwave activity, and applying it to digital effects in art, or an RGB laser, the effect on the participant is profound.

3D Graphics and Animation

Recently developed 3D graphic design and animation skills have been added to our bag of tricks, and we have been bringing posters and logos to life in a whole new way. These are just a few examples. Contact us to discuss your ideas or project!

Laser Projection

Because of the Lotus has an active variance (or license) through the FDA that allows us to utilize the powerful effect of laser light shows, further fusing the worlds of fine art and digital art.

Breathwork Workshops

Coinciding with our work in Biofeedback, we conduct "Sacred G Breath" workshops that teach participants a pattern of cyclical breathing that automatically makes the brain produce Gamma waves, the highest functioning brainwave.